Welcome to our exciting one day special trip to the un-spoilt part of Senegal.After pick up from your hotel, we drive towards Brikama, Gambia’s second largest town and the commercial capital of Southern Gambia.

After passing through Brikama, we branch off the Trans-Gambia highway towards the Gambian border town of Giboro.Here at this border post, we acquire an exit stamp from the Gambian authorities and we also have the possibility of changing our Gambian dalasi to the Senegalese Franc commonly called the Cfa.We then continue on our journey and between the Gambian and Senegalese border, we have a toilet break and drink pause and we also have the possibility of taking photos at this spot which verifies the boundaries of the two countries.

After the short break, we drive directly to the Senegalese border post of Seleti where upon arrival; our passports will be stamped again for entry into Senegal.We further drive to Dioloulou where we will have a short sightseeing of the small commercial town of that area.The trip then continues to Kafountine where we will visit the local market to have a glimpse of the daily morning market life in Africa.We finally set off for hotel Bendoula where a proper toilet facility is available before starting our exciting and relaxing boat trip on the Kafountine River to visit an Island village of Hilol.On this relaxing boat trip, we have the possibility of sighting river birds like Heron, Palm nut vultures, Fish eagles, Monitor lizards and local fishermen getting their daily catch.

Finally on this short boat trip, we arrive at Hilol where upon arrival we will be served with the Senegalese homemade whisky called Sum-Sum whiles you are given information about the social life of this Island village.
After the welcome drink, we will have a sightseeing tour of the Island to visit the local produce of the women folks of Hilol. We will also visit where the local inhabitants of the Island do their worshipping.

We then return back to Hotel Bendoula for a delicious Senegalese national dish called Thieboudiene and then a pause by the Senegalese paradise beach by the Atlantic Ocean.From here, we then start to drive back to the Gambia where on the way, we will stop by one of the biggest fish processing markets in the sub region to see how freshly caught fishes are smoked, dried, and preserved for exportation to neighboring towns and countries around Senegal. We will also visit a local Senegalese home to experience how Palm oil is produced as well as how the daily local bread Tapalapa is baked. We end this family visit with entertainment from the local family.

The journey continues back to the border for an exit stamp before acquiring an entry stamp back to the Gambia.A day full of adventure with lots of information and visiting places beyond your imagination.This adventurous one day Safari trip including a Visa to Senegal costs per person;-

Transportation, boat trip, visa fee, lunch, 2 free drinks per person and a guide.Please take along with you on this trip, a swimming suit, a towel, suntan,camera,and extra cash to buy souvenirs in Senegal.